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arghhhhhhhh i hate my life [28 Feb 2005|06:34pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

sooooooo today was a pretty shit day...... school was gay n boring, as usual. year 12 sucks so bad, i cannot WAIT to finish and just be done with it all. and hopefully neva have to see so many of those ppl ever again.

things have been total shit lately, i cant get over this Arthur thing.. its really unfair, i mean i know i made a BIG mistake but i really thought we could work through it.. i dont think I can accept that its finished.. I really don't think i could just forget about him and everything we had...i know he doesnt want 2 here it but Asha is so bad for him and SUCH A SKANKED UP BITCH.

wellllllllll i hav heaps of homework to get done and mum is bitching at me to get going on it.. LIFE SUCKS.

love Casey

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drivin slow on sunday morning...... [27 Jan 2005|02:58am]
[ mood | awake ]

WOW! i havent writen 4 sooooooo long!! i cant sleep, i guess thats y im updating...... i think im pretty stressed about arthur and me. i dont rele no wats goin on with us......... i did somethin pretty awful...i was super drunk at Bens party last week and Sam was there (my x). anyway hes been saying that he misses me heaps and wants to go out again.....and i kept sayin no, obviously cos of Arthur. but then things just kinda happend. i wasnt going to tell Arthur because it was just a one night thing, and i told Sam that, but then i saw Arthur the next day and i just couldnt lie to him. he was pretty upset.....i mean understandable really...... anyway YEAH, it just sucks because i love arthur and i love being with him. but sam keeps calling and saying stuff about us and blahblahblahblahblahblahblah.

neway i dont want 2 think about it. i went to the beach today - it was SO HOT!!! i went with Ashlee and Chris, Sarah, Nancy, Brendan, Sid and sum other ppl...... it was funfun! i got a nice tan, Sid got really burnt. hes such a pale kid.

so i hope things work out with me and arthur....... hes so great.....hes a bit goofy and kinda wishes he was like a rockstar or something (hes not. keyboard isnt rock n roll), but i love him a lot........... we'll see wat happens i guess..........

geez i betta try n get sum sleep, i have to work tomorrow.....

lots of love, casey!!

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HEY!!! [26 Sep 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | full ]

i am sosososo bored n Arthur ain't around to cure my boredom, so i thought i would update this journal!! neways today i went to the movies wit Nadia, we saw A Cinderella Story - u no, the one with Hilary duff.....i rele dont like her, but Chad michael Murray was SOOO HOTTTTTTTTT!! neway it was an ok film but not da best ive seen......

then i went bak to Nad'z place and we just talked and went in the spa, which was so nice. i luv Nadia!! she's an awesum chick.

this weekend has bin pretty good - Li already wrote about the party (IT ROCKED!!!!).. i rekon matt definately wants li - she is hot property at the moment! woo go girl. i will get arthur to put in the good word for ya sweetie ;)

last nite arthur came ova and we snuggled. and cuddled. he's hot.

my tummie hurts, i just ate two mars bars & a subway cookie....... well i am bored again, i mite go ring my babie...... c u later!

lots of luv KC, xoxox

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welcome to my journal! [22 Sep 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hello to whoever is reading this! probably no one, hey!

so what did i do today? oh yer, i went to Arthur's place and we just sat around. i love him so much, he's such a sweetie! he was telling me bout his band... i heard them play once and they kinda sucked! but i couldn't tell him that.

so i gtg, i'll update later!

luv Casey, xoxo

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